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I engaged Rebecca to help my 91-year-old mother regain mobility after a 5 month stay in hospital following a bad fall.

In searching for a physiotherapist, professional accreditation was important as was someone who specialised in care of the elderly, delivered in their own home.

Rebecca ticked all the boxes and has been a pleasure to work with. Patient and caring, encouraging but not cajoling, she helped Mum to regain a level of mobility to improve her outlook. She also worked in sync with Mum's carers, ensuring that exercises continued between visits. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca's services.

J.P Crawley

Many thanks to Rebecca for her professionalism and personal touch in attending my mother's home to give her treatment for her back. Mum is now noticing she can do things that pre-treatment she struggled with. To her immense joy, this includes more active playtime and longer walks with her grandson!


L.S. Lingfield

Rebecca has been working with huge compassion and professionalism with my 73-year-old mother after she fractured her back; she couldn't stand or walk. Mother has other issues alongside the fracture which are equally hard to rehabilitate. My Mother is now walking and standing!!!!!We couldn't Thank Rebecca enough for her hard work and dedication, she has a special talent.

D.R, Oxted

Good Morning! I want to say Thank You so much from my sister and I for everything you are doing for Mum. The noticeable difference is incredible! Mum showed us how she can now lift her leg when seated to put her shoes and socks on. She couldn’t even contemplate that before. Her progress has also had a hugely positive impact on her general well-being. We are so grateful to you, as you have achieved what others couldn’t. Mum speaks so highly of you, Thank you again.

DD, Crawley

“I was so pleased and grateful for the amazing help you were able to give Mama”

BW, East Grinstead

Rebecca Flint has been working with my 91 year old mother following a major stroke 6 months ago. She has left side paralysis and is confined to bed for most of the time. Her affected limbs were deteriorating due to lack of use and Rebecca and her team have worked hard on her pain and flexibility levels and at the same time have maintained the health of her muscles and ligaments on her functioning side. Rebecca’s regular visits to my mother have achieved a positive physical result and her mental adjustment following regular physiotherapy sessions has been an added unexpected bonus for her wellbeing. Rebecca has a wonderful manner, she is focused and also thoughtful, remaining flexible at each session so that the maximum benefit is achieved on each visit. I would highly recommend Flint Physiotherapy to anyone in a similar situation as her friendly and capable personality along with her professional ability has achieved excellent results in my mother’s overall quality of life.

SP, East Grinstead

Rebecca came to help me when I unexpectedly landed in a care home following an accident which rendered me very immobile with a broken shoulder/ upper arm.

Living on my own she was extremely helpful with the exercises and with the adaptions needed to my home, so I could manage. She was always accessible on the phone and visited my home rather than having to go to a clinic.  Rebecca has a knack of being professional, kind and encouraging.  I would be very happy to recommend her.

LC-K, Reigate

“My bronchiectasis necessitates ongoing pulmonary physiotherapy to avoid debris collecting in my lungs and causing infection.  Regular sessions with Rebecca has enabled me to stay healthy and active.  She is medically very knowledgeable, skilled, thorough and has a warm caring attitude.  Treating her clients in their own homes is an added convenience.”

M Hughes